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G-m sweater
G-m sweater
Yes I won the auction and I did not pay, you can say that , but also say that I won the auction and wanted to pay you right away so you can send it to me right away and you said you couldn't until two weeks later, the auction doesn't work that way. This wasn't the first time this happened, I bought from you before and paid right away too and then you started with the same thing, that you couldn't ship until later. Then after that it turned out you had already sold them! That's not how this works.I finally got my money back, but I had to pay the fees to get my money back! If you can't ship ship due to the weather, I understand, but don't list them until you are able to ship. Buyer beware.
12/24/2017 08:01:43
Buyer: martinez04 (1 )