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McLean hatch 1
Joe's a gentleman cocker with good fowls. It's good to have some true cockers selling fowls here.
03/05/2021 21:42:18
Buyer: chrome519 (8 )
McLean hatch 1
Bird arrived healthy and in great shape. I will be doing more business with him
03/05/2021 14:57:45
Buyer: Scottigarrett (1 )
Ruble hatch brood cock 2
Nice hatch of his word...all good.
03/04/2021 13:43:19
Buyer: Pinetree (1 )
American collectables #1
American collectables #1
Good doing business with him
01/31/2021 09:22:25
Buyer: Aarongay (2 )
Mexican collectables
Mexican collectables
Great purchases from Autopsy farms very easy to work with friendly fast shipping Joe is a great guy just to talk with I recommend anyone to not hesitate on buying from autopsy farms
12/17/2020 21:17:22
Buyer: KDA (13 )
None payer Glenn wells
None payer Glenn wells
Good guy to deal with thanks
12/16/2020 13:51:06
Seller: Redfox (73 )
Lundy Peruvian grade
Lundy Peruvian grade
wonderful seller imediate response to the transaction and got the bird shipped out promptly. healthy strong stag thank you!
10/28/2020 20:18:51
Buyer: jacosta619 (5 )
Claret x Roundhead stag 1
Claret x Roundhead stag 1
Great Stag, My 6 year old son was very happy with its his birthday Stag. It arrived in good condition and healthy. Mr. Holder is a very man all around. He called us to verify the safe arrival and to check condition of the stag. He even took the time to chat with my sons and me. We will definitely purchase from him again. Overall Great costumer Service, Fast Shipping, Good Price and Beautiful Healthy Stag. Thanks again Mr. Holder and God Bless
10/16/2020 12:22:53
Buyer: ZapataGamefowl (10 )
Claret x Roundhead stag 3
Claret x Roundhead stag 3
Best game fowl quality I've seen. Love these two! That's right I ordered one and got a Free (even the extra shipping) broodmate!!. Not only that but if you do your research you will see he keeps his fowl top knotch. Lets just say they got game for couple young stags. From one disabled vet to another Thanks for the seed fowl, look forwrd to working with you and a continued friendship for many years to come.
10/16/2020 09:23:12
Buyer: 0351F (10 )
Regular grey YLH blends 2
Regular grey YLH blends 2
Nice bodied grey birds. Great communication. Thanks joe!!
04/29/2020 20:39:43
Buyer: David88 (14 )