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Crow Leiper Slight Blemish  Proven Brood Cock  No Reserve
Crow Leiper "Slight Blemish" Proven Brood Cock No Reserve
Stud! Would show him but can't! Throws to good of stags. 5******* all the way
02/06/2019 17:56:36
Buyer: KCCombine (6 )
Mel Sim Sweater Asil  3 Way Proven Cock 6.2 lb
Mel Sim Sweater Asil 3 Way "Proven" Cock "6.2 lb"
very good
10/18/2018 16:46:08
Buyer: audang (9 )
Asil Kelso Cock Blemished Proven Blinker
Asil Kelso Cock "Blemished" Proven Blinker
Great rooster with quality blood on him. Thanks.
09/24/2018 10:57:17
Buyer: (3 )
Potato Asil Hennie Personal Brood Cock
Potato Asil Hennie "Personal" Brood Cock
Thank you A+++++
05/10/2018 15:05:56
Buyer: Norcal hennie game farm1979 (11 )
Sweater Boles 50/50 SOLD
Sweater Boles 50/50 "SOLD"
Really nice cock solid bird
05/10/2018 15:05:07
Buyer: Norcal hennie game farm1979 (11 )
Bob Bennett Grey Brood Pair SOLD
Bob Bennett Grey Brood Pair "SOLD"
Excellent Seller! 100% Honest. Pair in Perfect Health. Will buy here again! Thank You! Was always quick to respond to questions. This man is probably the nicest seller I have found on Oakridge yet. He tells you everything he knows about the birds. He has a few others I like and will be doing repeat business with him. I got exactly what I paid for and they are perfect in every way. I was afraid of Oakridge sellers at first because you never know these days. This guy was the real deal.
05/04/2018 20:01:39
Buyer: dannypritchett01 (2 )
Dom Kelso Cock Man-fighter No Reserve
Dom Kelso Cock "Man-fighter" No Reserve
Good business
05/04/2018 12:35:30
Buyer: Jj1980 (10 )
Pumpkin Hulsey Brood Cock
Pumpkin Hulsey Brood Cock
Thank you very much Mr jose from shortbutstalky for giving such a quality broodcock you are such a reliable person and thank you for letting see your Quality materials! Thanks again!
04/30/2018 19:24:53
Buyer: natolim (6 )
Massa Kelso Bull Stag
Massa Kelso Bull Stag
good roosters fast shipping and good communication
04/29/2018 10:42:25
Buyer: jujenci16 (3 )
Peruvian Grey Hennie Baby Stag
Peruvian Grey Hennie Baby Stag
Very fast shipping. Great birds thank you!!! A++++
04/25/2018 13:13:13
Buyer: Norcal hennie game farm1979 (11 )